Apollo Power Yoga


Power Yoga is a great way to stay fit and strong during pregnancy.  It’s safe and low impact, but highly effective in keeping your muscles toned. 

At Apollo Power Yoga, we offer a modified version of our Power Vinyasa and Power Restore classes.  These are especially designed to give pregnant woman the strength and conditioning they need, while keeping mother and baby safe.

Our modified routines can be used in any of the 38 Power Vinyasa and Power Restore classes we offer each week. 

Practice Power Yoga at Apollo to keep your muscles strong, and to stay within a safe range of weight increase.  You will appreciate these benefits heading into labour, childbirth and new motherhood.

Our practice room at Apollo Power Yoga is heated to a safe and pleasant 28 degrees Celsius during our regularly scheduled classes. 

Pregnancy Yoga at Apollo Power Yoga is a great way to improve your breathing, which will help you during labour and birth.  We also incorporate meditation into our yoga classes, to help you calm and focus your mind.

Any of the Power Basics (PB), Power All Levels (PAL) or Power Restore (PR) classes on our schedule may be practiced by pregnant women, using the modified routine.  In order to learn the modified routine, book a private lesson with Margo (027 227 2026 or