Apollo Power Yoga


Apollo Power Yoga's studio may be booked for private lessons or for group bookings for sports teams or clubs, team building work groups or anyone else wishing to have exclusive use of the studio.  If you are new to hot yoga or want to learn the basics of power vinyasa yoga before committing to a public class, a private lesson is a great way to make progress fast.

Rates for private lessons and private bookings are POA.

Private lessons are a great way to make quick progress in your practice, getting past plateaus in your practice and taking more fun and enjoyment from yoga.  We can even do "In-class Privates" where you get a teacher standing by your mat giving assists for each pose throughout a class taught by another teacher.  You practice a regular class but have the undivided attention of a teacher trained in assisting working with you the whole class.

Yoga is a great team building exercise for groups as it is accessible to most people and with the support of a group it is easy to have fun and build strong bonds and connectiions between team members.

Private sessions for sports teams or clubs can be tailored to the special needs of the group, whether it be off-season strengthening or mid-season restorative work.  Enormous benefits are to be had from using yoga as a conditioning practice or as a means of re-aligning after hard training or competition.

All private lessons are with either Hamish or Margo.