Apollo Power Yoga


Fond Farewell

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for welcoming me into the Apollo community this past year.  I've so enjoyed my time practicing at the studio and it will be difficult to find a place that lives up to it in the future!  It's such a special place for the Christchurch community and I hope it continues to grow.

- Rosy

Great Masterclass!

Hamish, what a fantastic, exhilarating, exhausting, insightful two hours!  Lovely to practice with you.

- Andie

Classes are Fantastic

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the last 
two weeks of classes, I have absolutely loved it.

Hamish’s passion for yoga is infectious & his classes 
are fantastic!

- Sophie

Truly Inspirational

I can't begin to express the depth of my gratitude for this whole new world you have opened up for me...  Some great people have influenced my life so far but few to this extent.  You have truly inspired.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Lorraine

You Make Me a Better Person

I came to the trainings to challenge myself physically, and left with far more than I could have imagined - physically, mentally and spiritually. Your ability to read people and hone in on what they are saying (or aren't!) and what they need in that moment is a real gift, you have taught me a lot about myself, encouraged me to drop a lot of stuff I don't need, and helped me to create a new way of thinking that ultimately makes me a better person.

- Katie

Thank you for helping me

When I visited Christchurch recently I was lucky enough to stumble upon your studio I came to four classes and was hooked.  I purchased the usb and practice often at home in Rotorua and have noticed a difference in all that I think and do.

I just wanted to thank you and Margo very much for helping me.  I look forward to coming to a class again when I visit Christchurch again in future.

- Syretta

Dynamic - Inspiration

Fabulous class Hamish!  Lovely to see you again and experience your dynamic.  You have the X factor in relation to inspiration.

- Sonya

Great restorative yoga classes

Apollo yoga set up by Hamish and Margot...tonight we had Hamish who taught us Restorative Yoga. Warm & engaging, he delivered excellent coaching with expressive language, encouragement and corrections. A great selection of poses with gentle philosophy added in. The studio is clean and temperature hot but not as hot as bikram yoga. This class really slows the pace of life and creates a safe place to restore balance both in mind & body. Worth a visit, drop in class is $20


Friendly, encouraging and passionate

I purchased an intro package ($25 for 2 weeks) as I was travelling through Canterbury, using Christchurch as a base. There is a great timetable of classes, the studio is modern, bright and spacious, and the instructors are really friendly, encouraging and passionate. Really enjoyable classes :)

- Ciara

Fond farewell

I enjoyed yoga very much.  Since starting yoga my lifestyle has become much healthier and active.  At the beginning I was very nervous as my English is limited and I was not sure I could understand your instruction.  But every teacher are so friendly and approachable!!  This makes me so comfortable.
Especially I was amazed (Margo and Hamish) were able to remember all students' name.  I really miss you Apollo Yoga...  Thank you very much for your support.

- Aki

Feedback about our monthly magazines

What a fantastic issue this month!  I always enjoy the read, but there were some great pieces in this one. Thanks!

- Sam

Just small note to say how empowering your writing is.
Don't be dissapointed that I don't get to class, your magic is working.
The Jan issue about acquisitions made me laugh, so close to the bone.It has reinforced this new refreshing direction. 
Still room in your classes for one more?
- Sue
Just got your newsletter and made me smile. I've been trying some yoga classes here in LA and none compare to your studio!!! 
- Lourdes
Excellent edition!... and the snippets about sports teams and army are excellent too.
Excellent read.
- Fiona

Great studio in the heart of CHCH

Great studio in the heart of CHCH city. Hamish & Margo are dedicated, warm & wonderful people who have made me feel very welcome on my first few visits to the studio. Classes are challenging & enjoyable. Keep up the great work within the community guys.

- Michelle

Love love love Apollo

Love, love, love Apollo, I recommend this to my massage clients and am lucky enough to be able to fit a few workshops in every now and again. Wish I had time for more because last workshop had me sore in my intercostals, so you know the core was firing!! Hamish is my absolute fave teacher, and I've had a few! Quit reading reviews, grab your mat and gooo!!!

- Lindsay

Margo and Hamish help your yoga grow

Really enjoying getting back into yoga at this studio. Margo and Hamish are lovely and really help your yoga grow. 

- Adayna

Getting Started Workshop Participant

I loved the Getting Started workshop, the demonstrations were the most helpful for me, it was great to see how the adjustments you made improved the form and it was easy to understand with your explanations and discussion.

The explanations of the breathing foundations were also extremely helpful, I was sniffing through my nose until your demonstration and explanation of how to breath fully into your lungs.
It was also great to know the cues for what to feel in the body as I sometimes find it difficult to know my form without a mirror, the questions offered by other members of the class were very helpful for this too.
Thanks for offering the class!
I am really enjoying practicing with Apollo and how the focus is not only on the poses but the mental side also.
- Sarah

Helping at a spiritual and breath level on the Kepler Challenge - from two different athletes

Definitely the most challenging thing I've ever attempted, a very beautiful and humbling experience. At the top of Mt Luxmore I recalled Hamish Kenworthy saying that the process was our responsibility and that the results would yield themselves. On the day it was about just showing up and experiencing each moment in each second and in each breathe (sic) - something I had to remind myself in the last 10km when I couldn't wait for it to all be over with. Thank you Apollo Power Yoga for not only the balance and strength I learned to harness but also for the peace of mind :) I must come back soon as I probably need a realignment now haha

- Mordecai

I had a blast doing the Kepler - it was the most challenging thing I have ever done, but I did it, I lived the dream. And the yoga ended up having a bigger impact that I expected. The flexibility & recovery were obviously vital - but the breathing also turned out to be part of what got me around. I lost control of my asthma 3/4 of the way through, and the only way I could control my coughing was by breathing through my nose, which is not normal for my running. But I've had hours and hours of practice and I did it for an hour on Saturday, getting my lungs to calm down again. I'm sure I would not have made it around without ujjayi breathing. So your training had unexpected benefits. Yoga is a wonderful complement to distance running, it shortens the recovery time allowing more intense training. And now its helping the post race recovery so I can get back out soon.

- Kevin

Full of energy and love

Hamish is so full of energy and love! He often teaches several classes a day but is always 100% present, giving and alive. His energy really is extraordinary.

He remembers everyone’s name from your first class, and also remembers the specifics of exactly which asana you have and haven’t mastered. Hamish helps all of us to not take ourselves too seriously by cracking jokes during class and telling us stories from his day.

Hamish has an intense knowledge and love for yoga. He constantly reminds us to stay open, reminds us to breathe, and leaves us with many other pearls of wisdom as we move. His teaching has changed my life. 

- Sylvia


Inspiring, Uplifting, Energizing

As usual I found your style of teaching very inspiring, uplifting and energizing while calming at the same time.. which is kind of an oxymoron .. but still feels that way. 

And I like that there is always a sense of fun to it too, which reminds one not to take yourself too seriously and that yoga is more a state of mind and is about enjoyment as much as it is about spiritual growth and facing physical and mental challenges (with a smile).

- Christina


That was a great class, Hamish.  Meditative but quite uplifting I found.

- Adele

Power Yoga During Pregnancy

I wanted to pass on my gratitude to Apollo's teachers whose classes I have attended lately (quite often James!). My husband and I welcomed our little baby girl into the world on Friday morning after a quick labour. Being able to practice such amazing power yoga classes at Apollo right up until the day before I went in to labour helped me prepare not only physically but also mentally and emotionally for the experience. At 36 weeks, our baby Indi was in a hurry to get out in the world but is strong enough not to need a stay in the neonatal unit, and doing well - we feel very lucky!

So again, thank you so much for all your expert guidance and support to continue practicing through pregnancy, and while you may not see my face around for a wee while, I will be back as soon as I can to start building up strength again! (I guess I don't get out of the core exercises anymore? Haha)

- Jane 


Energy, knowledge and enthusiasm

Thanks for all your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm that you put into your classes! I absolutely love them and the studio and don't believe I have ever really told you both, so thank you.

- Julia

From a Recent Retreat Hamish Taught ...

- I loved listening to [Hamish] explain the history and philosophy of the yoga practice in his own words.

- Both Hamish and James and Carmena are world class. This time Hamish was my favourite in regards to the Yoga content. The discussion parts are always a little uncomfortable.  I'm sure most people feel like that. However I did learn a couple of things about myself and so stepping outside your comfort zone can be a great thing sometimes.

- Hamish's 2 hour Power Vinyasa was intense but I did enjoy it

A Positive Impact on my Life

I just want to say thankyou to yourself and Margo again so much for the space and culture you have built up around you at Apollo. I can't really put into words how much of a positive place it has been and the impact it has had on my life over the past couple of years.

- Digby

Happy Teacher Training/Yoga Intensive Attendee

Learning about hands-on assists was great, as it allowed the development of understanding of where the movement of the pose came from. To know that you can make a significant difference to a student’s pose through the smallest touch was awesome. 

It was important to realise that people undertake a yoga practice for a range of reasons, and that personal development may be a significant part of why they undertake yoga. The role of the teacher is important in this, and therefore, the teacher must have the tools to engage with the personal development of their students. The daily discussions gave a really good platform to develop this, both for ourselves and for the students we may one day have.

It was great to be able to do this training with a studio that I have practiced at for a couple of years, and with teachers that I have developed a great relationship with. It was a big step to take for everyone involved, but it was so worth it. Thank you so much!

- Alice

I found the inward looking sessions hugely transformative.  I felt that there was a consistent theme, and was really impressed by Hamish’s ability to retain what each person had said throughout the week and then re-state it to the relevant participant at a pivotal moment.

The training was incredible.  It was transformative.  I connected deeply with myself and the other participants, and found a space in myself that I try to remember and return to whenever I can.

- Jess

And, would just like to say yet another huge thanks for the incredible journey!  It was better than I could have imagined!

AMAZING!  INCREDIBLE!  I've talked of very little else since returning including telling all of my friends and colleagues how they must go on one.

 I highly recommend this course! Hamish and Margo are brilliant facilitators and will bring out the best YOU! It will be tough, but trust me: it's well worth it... I very grateful for the massive shift that happened for me on the course and have continued to reap the benefits ever since... and they're still going. DO IT!

- Jacqui

Wonderful environment and amazing teachers

... wanted to tell you how wonderful practicing at Apollo has been for me over the past 4 months. I was reflecting on changes that have happened where I didn't really realise I had improved. Things like Camel pose where I could barely bend my back let alone breathe when trying and now I love that stretch back. My hands now meet in prayer position up my back where previously there was no hope and even something as simple as child's pose where I remember my upper arms ached when simply extended. Still so much improvement to come but am loving the journey. Thank you for providing a wonderful environment with amazing teachers. 

- Mel

5 Stars

Apollo has allowed me to take my practice to the next level. The tutors' insight and challenge allows you to get the most from your practice. The temperature also allows you to access full poses safely. Love Apollo and the team's authentic passion for yoga and the improvement it offers to everyone's well being.

- Karen

Inspirational Teaching

One of the most inspirational yoga instructors I've ever met. Thanks for making me so passionate about yoga Hamish.

- Isabel

Your studio is one of a kind

I just wanted to thank you for reigniting my passion and love of yoga.  Your studio is one of a kind - it is personal and you can tell it is ran (sic) by two amazing, kind-hearted, dedicated and caring people.  Since leaving New Zealand and also before it, I have yet to find a studio I enjoy more.  You have set the standards high and I cannot thank you enough.  Through your classes I didn't just improve my practice - I also improved myself.  I think I came away from that experience a better person and I attrbute a lot of that to attending your classes.  So I thank you a lot again and encourage you both to keep doing what you do because I'm not the only one that place has had such a positive effect on.

- Chloe

Feedback for Hamish after Marlborough Sounds Yoga Retreat

I would just like to say thank you for sharing your special gift with us this weekend. As a newby to yoga, I am certain that I will always remember this weekend as the starting point of my journey with yoga. You have a wonderful energy and we all felt it along with our slow cooked muscles. Thank you for making us think too.

- Tess

Feedback given to CHCHCentral during a recent promotion:

"... not only is this a terrific studio with an awesome yoga practice, it's the owners Hamish and Margot who make it really special. They are deeply caring, devoted and committed yogis whose warmth fills the studio well beyond the power of the heaters. It's a warmth that you take away with you, sustains you and only grows with each encounter. Namaste."

"The love they put into their classes is just wonderful and on leaving the studio after power yoga class the onward energy you put out into the CBD is phenomenal. I cannot rave enough about this studio and the great effects it has on the city."

"Apollo Yoga changed my life. Prior to joining Apollo I never had a form of exercise that I consistently enjoyed. Apollo is perfect. When my days are stormy I look forward to the window of peace at Apollo and the smile that greets me. The teachers genuinely care. So grateful for Apollo."

Your class is super great

Hey man your class is super great! I love your down beat and authentic practice style. Keep rock'n those crazy moves!!

- Pal

I'm always looking forward to my next class

On a personal note, I've really enjoyed my classes at Apollo over the last few years and they have really helped me focus on my life and think about external day-to-day factors that stress me, and not letting those
factors run my life. I'm always looking forward to my next class, even if that means I'm waking up at 5:30am.  Thanks to you, Margo, April and Hannah for your continued dedication and success.

Exactly what I was looking for

I would like to thank both of you for the yoga classes you've been giving every day for the last month and a half. I was hoping to find some truly passionate teachers while staying in Christchurch. Well, having yoga at Apollo was inspiring, driving and transforming. It provided great momentum, exactly what I was looking for!

- Marc-Etienne

Results that came from yoga that did not from physiotherapy

I just wanted to express my gratitude.  My shoulder mobility has improved so much since joining (it wasn't with physio and home exercise).  I've even been able to start climbing again.  A year ago I was struggling to just get my hand on my hip, so I am one happy lady.  Yoga has made climbing, cycling and running easier.  It's just been an all-around positive experience.  So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you...

 - Jen

Being Made to Feel Welcome and Acknowledged

I wanted to say that although I have only been to your yoga studio a few times, I am very impressed with how personable you and Margo are. It is very special, I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years and I have been to many classes and studios, and there have not been many teachers as welcoming as at your studio.
I am in a transition period of life at the moment and it was nice to feel like a somebody even if it was only in a yoga class. It has also given me new inspiration for teaching my own class and my practice. I look forward to the next class I can squeeze into a Christchurch visit.

- Kim

Association with Complete Performance

Did you know that our CP Group Membership is so awesome that you can attend one Yoga session per week with Hamish and Margo and the team at Apollo Power Yoga. The reason why we have partnered with Apollo Power Yoga is the emphasis on the strength element within their practice.

This is a great way to improve your mobility and develop your strength during the dark cold winter months.

- Complete Performance

Yoga and Running are a Great Combination

As a runner, I am finding with age and injuries you come to learn that there are some things which go well
together and some that don't. Running and Yoga do work well together. I have just completed my fourth Kepler Challenge, and had a pretty good experience except for a sore hamstring and tight glutes. I
am finding that Margo, April and Hamish's Apollo yoga practice is helping improve my range of motion, stability and strength. It is building all round strength and better form. I am enjoying mixing the
yoga practice into my morning routines, lightening the load on my feet and building speed. I am confident that other runners would benefit from the complete yoga practice shared at Apollo.

- Brian

Apollo Power Yoga Helped Relieve My Back Pain

Before I started practicing at Apollo Power Yoga, I was suffering from significant back pain. I do a lot of cycling and between that and sitting at a desk for hours every day, my back had tightened up so much that it was very painful. I was taking painkillers to deal with
the problem. I went for a massage to see if that would help, and the massage therapist told me my back was too tight for her to work on.  She suggested that I try yoga to loosen it up. Within 2 weeks of starting a yoga practice at Apollo Power Yoga, my back pain had
lessened noticeably. Now that I have a regular power vinyasa practice at Apollo, I am not experiencing back pain and have been able to stop taking painkillers.

- Helen

Help with Multiple Sclerosis

I just want to thank you with all of my heart. I have recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and since this news I have had a pretty bad relapse. However, sad story aside because I'm not one to focus on the negatives here, but yoga has helped me so so much!! Not just for stretching for my body when it gets a bit silly, but for my mind. And I truly believe that if it wasn't for you two being such caring and respectful instructors I wouldn't even realise how beneficial yoga could be. You got me hooked! You taught me the fundamental skills of breathing and sun salutations and I don't mean to be dramatic, but I do really have to thank you both so much.

- Jessica

Uplifting and Positive

Your yoga classes have been outstanding and by far the most uplifting and positive I have ever been to. Thank you for sharing your practice. Your dedication to your customers has shone through... and I am so grateful.

- Poppy


Just wanted to let you know I came to my first class at Apollo yesterday and absolutely loved it, and the free mandarin at the end was a very nice touch!
Margo did an amazing job, it was the best yoga class I've been to in NZ.

- Lindsay


After starting yoga [at Apollo Power Yoga] I now have no problems falling asleep at night, yoga clears my mind allowing me to get a full night's sleep.

- Lydia

It was so good to be back last night, I loved it and last night was the best sleep Ive had in a very long time.

- Kara


My work as an ultrasound technician requires me to spend most of the day seated, with a computer monitor showing ultrasound images straight ahead of me, but with the keyboard and mouse out to my side. I was experiencing significant back-pain as a result of staying in this position for long periods.

Since I began a power vinyasa yoga practice at Apollo Power Yoga, my back-pain has lessened considerably and I have yoga poses I can do at work to relieve pain during the day.   Learning how to stretch my back in yoga class has been a big help, but it is not the only benefit. Through Apollo's power vinyasa practice, I am also developing much better core strength. Because I am now correctly engaging my core while I'm seated at work, my back doesn't get strained as it did before. I really notice a difference; when I practice power vinyasa every few days, my back is fine, but if I can't get to class for 4 or 5 days my work-related back-pain returns.

My power vinyasa practice also seems to be giving me relief from the hay-fever that I've had every spring/summer for years. I think this is because I've developed much better breathing technique through the practice.

(Name withheld by request)

Louise's Yoga Journey

I started practising yoga about three and a half years ago in London after a friend suggested that I come to a Bikram class with her and I was hooked. After practicing Bikram for almost three year and moving countries I felt like I needed a change in my practice. I enjoyed the heat and developed a strong practice, but felt that I wasn't getting a full workout. My core and upper body strength were lacking and I was ready for a new challenge. When Hamish and Margo opened Apollo Power Yoga in July I was keen to try out the power yoga series. At first it felt a bit like I was starting from scratch with my practice which was a little frustrating. I felt uncomfortable in down dog because my arms would get tired and my flow was not very flowing. I craved the familiarity of a practice I already felt confident in. With the great support and encouragement I received at the Apollo studio, my power vinyasa practice has gone from strength to strength in the last six months. The best advice I can offer anyone who is about to embark on their journey of yoga discovery is that your best is your best and not anyone else's. Your practice will get better with persistence, and being in an encouraging supportive environment will make that journey easier.  Remember why you first came to the mat and the feeling you get when you rest in savasana. Namaste

- Louise

Gratitude at finding Hamish again

I just wanted to say thank you for the 2 week trial, which I really enjoyed.  It was so good to practice with you again;  I have really missed your teaching, your energy which I find to all be inspirations for my practice.

- Name withheld