Apollo Power Yoga


Finish your Floating and Inversions workshop with Cameron by walking the length of the room on your hands!  Fantastic!!

The Crusaders are committed to a great Super Rugby campaign this year and come to Apollo Power Yoga to give their bodies great mobility to complement their great strength.

Check out these revolving triangles, beautifully captured by Andy Currie of Andy Currie Photography.

The raised legs belong to Margo and Hamish.  This is bridge done the Apollo Power Yoga way - bridges with architectural attitude.  Practising at Apollo Power Yoga lets you soar.

Sam Hunt at Apollo's first birthday celebrations.  Fantastic performance and great fun.  Thanks everyone who came along to celebrate with us.

Apollo Power Yoga's studio is clean, functional and full of energy.

Our workshops with Budokon® founder Cameron Shayne were FANTASTIC.  Here, Cameron is holding a static position of yogic power and grace.

Opening up a business in post-earthquake central city Christchurch is quite the adventure but a city needs a beating heart and Apollo Power Yoga is that beating heart; taking in tired students needing inspiration and sending them out full of life force.