Apollo Power Yoga

karen stevens


My yoga journey started 18 years ago after the birth of my first child whilst I was experiencing a serious bout of anxiety and depression. A work colleague asked if I would go with her to a yoga class at the local recreation centre.  I thought “I am pretty flexible, that could be good”.  I was, and continue to be, amazed how yoga poses can completely change my body and mind offering perspective and grounding.  I have practiced in classes at church halls, community centres, schools and recreation centres.  I credit yoga as being a massive part of my recovery from mental illness, a heart attack and cancer.  Whilst I was in hospital recovering from surgery for cancer I decided I was going to practice yoga daily and began to research how to make that a reality.

I found Apollo Power Yoga and am so glad I did.  Since surgery I have lost 30kg and gained more strength in my body and mind than I though was possible.  I work for an organisation that supports people with mental distress and wanted to share yoga with the mental health community.  I was in yoga class and Margo was discussing the Baptise-style power vinyasa yoga teacher training that Apollo Power Yoga runs and she said “If not you, who?  You are ready now”.  I felt like she was talking to me so I signed up for the yoga teacher training.  The training grew my mind and practice further and now I have the privilege of sharing the transformative yoga journey with others.

I now teach at Apollo and also in the mental health community and am always inspired to witness other yogis’ growth.  I love to hear about other people’s yoga journeys to see how they are impacted so I can learn more and incorporate this shared knowledge into classes.  Yoga has so much to share in all aspects of life and I feel so grateful to have found it.  Namaste