Apollo Power Yoga

christina rabe

Coming from an endurance sports background, years of gym work and merciless cross-fit training, I stumbled into yoga with lots of prejudices and a certain arrogance towards it.

However, one injury after another led me to question my workout routine.  And so, with some trepidation, I made my way into my first yoga.  Several Warriors and Chaturangas later, without any chanting or incense sticks, most of my initial preconceptions dropped (and dripped) away and I sensed the unique transformative power a strong asana practice can offer.

What’s drawing me back to the mat every time is this wondrous contradiction that yoga holds. Powerful asana practice juxtaposed with steady, calm breath and an almost meditative mindset. Feeling that an intense physical practice can nourish me, rather than wear me out, that taking it easy can take me further and that surrender does not mean defeat.

As I cherish the ‘Journey into Power’ practice taught at Apollo Power Yoga I was excited to go on their teacher training programme in April this year with teachers that never cease to inspire me.

 Many up and down dogs later I am still just starting to find my feet on the mat and in front of a class, but I am as hooked as I was the first day.

Sharing with other yogis the peace of mind that yoga can offer, in a strong and sweaty but fun practice is the core aspect of my classes.