Apollo Power Yoga

get strong and stress free
Apollo Power Yoga - the Beating Heart of the recovering Central City, just west of the Hereford/Colombo intersection
Ph. 03 365 6740

You don't need to fit in visits to the gym on top of yoga classes - practice Power Yoga at Apollo instead! Authentic Power Yoga at Apollo gives you the functional strength that you expect from weight-training at a gym, the heart-health benefits you expect from cardio work, and the full mobility and calm, focussed mind that only yoga delivers.

Power Yoga as taught at Apollo was designed to help athletes achieve their best performances, but it's also a great practice for anyone who wants to combine the benefits of yoga with a strengthening, power-building work-out. Professional rugby players, cricketers, basketballers, multi-sport athletes, rowers, netballers and many others have benefitted from the Apollo Power Yoga practice.

Men, women and children of all ages, shapes and fitness levels enjoy our practice.  Within any one class the top-level athletes can be challenged to hit new peaks of strength and mobility, while others who are just beginning the power yoga journey can modify the practice to bring it within their current ability.  With modifications, our classes may even be practiced safely by pregnant women and new mums

At Apollo you just get authentic power vinyasa yoga taught by New Zealand's specialists.  Our class sizes and training in giving assists to students lets us help you make rapid progress in your practice.  We help make the difference for you whether you are a beginner or are experienced but stuck on a plateau and want to find a new level of performance in your practice.

Every body benefits from the energising, strengthening, mobilising power of power vinyasa yoga at Apollo.  Get along to the studio, no booking necessary, and take our two-week introductory offer for just $25.  Begin your transformation now. 


We are running our normal class schedule on Saturady 6 and Sunday 7 February with the exception of Pregnancy Yoga which is cancelled on the 7th.  Our classes on Monday, 8 February, Waitangi Day (observed), are as follows:

7:30am - Power All Levels 60 (minutes)

9:00am - Power All Levels 60

5:30pm - Power All Levels 60

7:00pm - Power Restore 60


For a trial period Apollo Power Yoga will be offering classes at Scoop Authentic Pilates at 1063 Ferry Road, Ferrymead. 

These classes begin on Monday 7 Dececember 2015 and will run through the summer.  The arrangements that we have with Scoop prevent us from offering these classes on a fully reciprocal basis with the consequence taht passes other than 10-class passes and 30-class passes purchased at our Hereford Street studio cannot be used at Scoop.

Casual classes of yoga at Scoop are $20 with 10-class passes available for $170 and 30-class passes for $420.  Please pay by cash or bank transfer.  There are no eft-pos facilities at Scoop.

It should be remembered by annual and monthly pass holders that we are not offering you anything less than we were when you bought your pass - all our classes at Hereford Street are there for you to enjoy.

Check out our temporary Ferrymead timetable here.


MONDAYS 4 - 4:45pm

Start your children with yoga early, and give them a healthful practice for life.

These sessions are fun explorations of yoga poses appropriate for children ages 4 to 12 years.  The classes are 45 minutes in duration.  Parents are welcome to join in, at no cost, or can leave the kids with us and go shopping or for a coffee in the central city.

The cost is $7 per child, $6 per child if two from the same family attend, and $5 per child if three or more from the same family attend. Casual visits are welcome.  There is no need to sign up for a whole term.


If you like to practice the way we do at Apollo Power Yoga when you travel or like to have a recording at home for when you cannot make it into the studio we have the answer.

We have for sale a class called Inspire and Move in which Hamish and Margo run through a 60 minute all levels class of powerful yoga.  The class is saved to a USB stick so you can play it back on your computer.  It is a great companion to the travelling yogi.

The cost is just $40 and you can purchase it from reception at the studio. 

pregnancy yoga at apollo

Our Apollo Power Vinyasa and Power Restore classes are a great option to keep you fit during pregnancy. Although low impact enough for safety, our classes enable you to stay strong and keep your weight-gain within the optimum range.  Give yourself this advantage heading into labour, childbirth and new mothehood.

We have designed a modified practice which makes the classes accessible to you as your baby-bump grows.  This means that you can choose from any of the 37 classes per week on our current schedule, instead of having to fit into 1 pre-scheduled "pregnancy yoga" classes per week.

Our room is heated to a safe and pleasant 28-30 degrees Celsius, unlike other studios that heat the room up to and beyond body temperature, which can be stressful.

Alternatively, if you'd rather practice only with other  pregnant women and new mothers, we will soon be running a class for this group once weekly, on Sundays from 7-8pm. 

If you're interested in practicing with us during your preganancy, get in touch with Margo:  or 027 227 2026 to book a time for you to learn the modifications.

APOLLO's classes are your best opportunity for growth

At Apollo, we offer fun classes in transformative power vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga.  Studies have shown hot power yoga to be the optimal form of yoga for burning calories yet the practice is low impact and tones and opens your entire body.  You are ready now!  Drop your doubts.  Come out of fear into courage.  Be the change you want to see for yourself! 

Power vinyasa and restorative yoga are perfect complements to each other, balancing, as they do, qualities of strength and mobility. These classes will immerse you in your physical and mental self, and let you realise your full potential. Do not come to class as you think you should be, come to class just as you are, and let that be the starting point for your growth in body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to join us to practice and experience the life-changing benefits of yoga. As a special introductory offer, your first fortnight of practice at Apollo comes for just $25.00! In that fortnight, you can practice as many times as you like.

Make a commitment to growth NOW, and join us as we step into a powerful new way of being.