Apollo Power Yoga

get strong and stress free

Apollo Power Yoga - 107 Hereford Street - ground floor of the Ibis Hotel building

Ph. 03 3656740

Apollo Power Yoga Limited is the yoga studio that is the beating heart of the recovering central city.  You won't be crowded out or turned away.  You'll just get authentic power vinyasa yoga taught by specialists.

Athletes, sports people, men, women, young, old - every body benefits from the energising, strengthening, mobilising power of power vinyasa yoga.  Get on the phone now (3656740) or get along to the studio, no booking necessary, and get on a mat to begin your transformation!

Timetable Changes

A new permanent timetable is now in place from and including Saturday, 19 July with a return to a full complement of classes.  Check the timetable tabs under the heading Yoga Classes on the menu to see what classes are running.

We have new classes at 4:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These classes are Power All Levels classes of 60 minutes duration.  No flounce.  No dumbing down of the practice.  Just authentic, energising Baptiste-style power yoga.

40 days to Personal Revolution

This powerful programme of personal transformation has finished and what an awesome experience it was.  You missed out?  There will be another chance at a future date.  In the meantime get into classes and start being the change you want in your life.

Road Closures/Parking

SCIRT refer us to to find the quickest and safest routes about town.

The best parking is still the City Council parking where the Triangle Centre was on the east side of Colombo Street between Cashel Street and Hereford Street. 

There is more City Council parking on the north side of Worcester Street just behing the Cathedral.  Parking in the Council carpark with entry off Lichfield next to the bus exchange is also a good option.

Apollo's Classes

At Apollo, we offer fun classes in transformative power vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga.  Studies have shown hot power yoga to be the optimal form of yoga for burning calories yet the practice is low impact and tones and opens your entire body.  You are ready now!  Drop your doubts.  Come out of fear into courage.  Be the change for yourself! 

Power vinyasa and restorative yoga are perfect complements to each other, balancing, as they do, qualities of strength and mobility. These classes will immerse you in your physical and mental self, and let you realise your full potential. Do not come to class as you think you should be, come to class just as you are, and let that be the starting point for your growth in body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to join us to practice and experience the life-changing benefits of yoga. As a special introductory offer, your first fortnight of practice at Apollo comes for just $25.00! In that fortnight, you can practice as many times as you like.

Make a commitment to growth now, and join us as we step into a powerful new way of being.