Apollo Power Yoga

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Apollo Power Yoga - 107 Hereford Street (just west of the Hereford/Colombo intersection)

Ph. 03 3656740

Apollo Power Yoga Limited is the yoga studio that is the beating heart of the recovering central city.  Apollo is the best studio for men (a higher proportion of our students are men than at other studios where the practice is softer). Apollo is the best studio for women (women need a strong practice too, to sculpt and tone their bodies, build bone density and centre their minds).  Apollo is the best studio for sports people (we are the yoga coaches for the Canterbury Crusaders and to the Christ's College rowing teams as well as professional cricketers, a former Olympic cyclist, mutlisport athletes, a former NCAA division 1 basketball player and many others with a background in sports who recognise the unique value of our work).

At Apollo you just get authentic power vinyasa yoga taught by New Zealand's specialists.  Our class sizes and training in giving assists to students lets us help you make rapid progress in your practice.  We help make the difference for you whether you are a beginner or are experienced but stuck on a plateau and want to find a new level of performance in your practice.

Every body benefits from the energising, strengthening, mobilising power of power vinyasa yoga at Apollo.  Get along to the studio, no booking necessary, and take our two-week introductory offer for just $25.00.  Begin your transformation now!


Saturday 30 May: the old Police Station building is being imploded at 8am.  Our 8am class will start at 8:15am.  Be aware of the exclusion zone around the implosion site.  All other classes running as usual this Saturday.

Sunday 31 May: the Christchurch City marathon returns to the city centre with a start/finish just around the corner from us in the Square.  Our 8am and 10am classes are cancelled but we have an extra Power Restore class at 11am for runners and anyone else wanting a stretch.  Classes as usual in the afternoon.

Monday 1 June: our schedule is:

Normal classes resume on Tuesday 2 June. 


Here is some feedback from my experience:
- From a physical perspective, the almost constant tightness from my shoulders and upper back has gone. I also think I lost a few centimeters in diameter. The tightness in my arms has also decreased. Also I think I
'discovered' some new muscles around my core, in the back side.

- From a nutritional perspective, although I read many books on this in the past, this approach was somehow new to me and also made a lot of sense. Observing how foods make me feel and the awareness of the pH
factor are very useful. Plus I am starting to eat more fruit and I feel this is valuable addition to my diet.

- I already gave you some feedback from my meditation, the week 4 was when I had the 'brightest' vision. After that I felt that this 'light' has 'self regulated' because it is not as bright as it was in week 4 but
I can still see things in a brighter way than before and with 'better resolution' - I think.

- The exploratory questions - I did write answers for some of them and I think there was some benefit. What was interesting was in the first two weeks, while I was thinking about these questions, people from around me were giving me answers. So I think some very small changes are happening due to those questions for example I think I am becoming a little bit
less reactive. Also I am getting better at taking thinks one at the time (as in 'just this one breath').

Overall I believe that the program is really well designed and that the components complement each other.

Changes that I will keep are:
- increasing the yoga visits at the studio from 3 -4 / week to 5 / week.
- keep the nutrition learnings - keep the daily meditation - be aware of the small changes and grow them.

Finally - A big thank you to both of you for all your hard work and generosity with the studio, what you are doing is quite amazing and an inspiration for all!



We now offer children's yoga in weekly sessions from 4pm to 4:45pm on Friday afternoons.  These classes are for ages 4 to 12 and vary from week to week based on the experience, ability and age of the children present.

One child costs $7.00, two children from the same family cost $6.00 each and three children from the same family cost $5.00 each.

Start your children with yoga early and give them a healthful practice for life.


At Apollo, we offer fun classes in transformative power vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga.  Studies have shown hot power yoga to be the optimal form of yoga for burning calories yet the practice is low impact and tones and opens your entire body.  You are ready now!  Drop your doubts.  Come out of fear into courage.  Be the change for yourself! 

Power vinyasa and restorative yoga are perfect complements to each other, balancing, as they do, qualities of strength and mobility. These classes will immerse you in your physical and mental self, and let you realise your full potential. Do not come to class as you think you should be, come to class just as you are, and let that be the starting point for your growth in body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to join us to practice and experience the life-changing benefits of yoga. As a special introductory offer, your first fortnight of practice at Apollo comes for just $25.00! In that fortnight, you can practice as many times as you like.

Make a commitment to growth NOW, and join us as we step into a powerful new way of being.