Apollo Power Yoga

get strong and stress free
Apollo Power Yoga - the Beating Heart of the recovering Central City, just west of the Hereford/Colombo intersection
Ph. 03 365 6740

You don't need to fit in visits to the gym on top of yoga classes - practice Power Yoga at Apollo instead! Authentic Power Yoga at Apollo gives you the functional strength that you expect from weight-training at a gym, the heart-health benefits you expect from cardio work, and the full mobility and calm, focussed mind that only yoga delivers.

Power Yoga as taught at Apollo was designed to help athletes achieve their best performances, but it's also a great practice for anyone who wants to combine the benefits of yoga with a strengthening, power-building work-out. Professional rugby players, cricketers, basketballers, multi-sport athletes, rowers, netballers and many others have benefitted from the Apollo Power Yoga practice.

Men, women and children of all ages, shapes and fitness levels enjoy our practice.  We teach from teenagers to seniors, professional sports people and athletes to first timers who have never liked exercise in their lives.  See our Testimonials and join in a fantastic community of yoga practitioners.  With modifications, our classes may even be practiced safely by pregnant women and new mums

At Apollo you get authentic power vinyasa yoga taught by New Zealand's specialists.  We take a deep interest in each of our students and will give you guidance and support as you learn and in your process of transformation.  You will not be lost in the crowd but will be acknowledged and assisted.  Get along to the studio, no booking necessary, and take our two-week introductory offer for just $25.  Begin your transformation now. 


Our annual memberships are on special for just $1200 now until the end of January.  This includes 52 weeks of unlimited practice (we do not close down over Christmas/New Year), half price workshops run by Apollo Power Yoga (not those where we host a visiting teacher), half price 40 Days to Personal Revolution programmes and mat storage at our studio.  Get in now and make 2017 a year of growth physically and spiritually through regular yoga practice. 


Our timetable for Christmas/New Year is available. See the Christmas/New Year Timetable tab or pick up hard-copy of the timetable from reception at Apollo Power Yoga' studio.  We're open every day except Christmas Day so come on in and practice and maintain your physical and mental health and well-being over the holidays.

As of 9 January our full timetable resumes but there are some changes:



We have for sale a recorded class, taught by Hamish and performed by a wonderful group of yogis from Apollo Power Yoga.  This class comes on a 32GB USB stick and is compatible with the device of your choice.  Drop in at the studio to pick up your copy or phone Hamish (021 0551884) to order one.  It is great for when you are travelling or to have at home for motivation and guidance in your home practice or for those who live remotely and do not have ready access to the teaching at Apollo Power Yoga.  Just $45! 


CHILDREN'S YOGA - MONDAYS 4 - 4:45pm - these sessions BEGIN AGAIN TERM 1 IN 2017

Start your children with yoga early, and give them a healthful practice for life.  Book your child(ren) in now for term 2.  There will be sessions throughout term 2 on Mondays at 4pm for 45 minutes.  The cost per child for the term is $70.

These sessions are fun explorations of yoga poses appropriate for children ages 4 to 12 years.  The classes are 45 minutes in duration.  Parents are welcome to join in, at no cost, or can leave the kids with us and go shopping or for a coffee in the central city.

Children's yoga classes are now running and we are taking registrations for 2017.  Book in now!

APOLLO's classes are your best opportunity for growth

At Apollo, we offer fun classes in transformative power vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga.  Studies have shown hot power yoga to be the optimal form of yoga for burning calories yet the practice is low impact and tones and opens your entire body.  You are ready now!  Drop your doubts.  Come out of fear into courage.  Be the change you want to see for yourself! 

Power vinyasa and restorative yoga are perfect complements to each other, balancing, as they do, qualities of strength and mobility. These classes will immerse you in your physical and mental self, and let you realise your full potential. Do not come to class as you think you should be, come to class just as you are, and let that be the starting point for your growth in body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to join us to practice and experience the life-changing benefits of yoga. As a special introductory offer, your first fortnight of practice at Apollo comes for just $25.00! In that fortnight, you can practice as many times as you like.

Make a commitment to growth NOW, and join us as we step into a powerful new way of being.

where to park your car 

On street parking in Hereford Street, just outside of the studio, is limited to 1 hour between 9am and 5pm. But if you go to the part of Hereford Street just east of Manchester Street, there's no time limit and it's also free there.  

Another good alternative is the off-street carparking at the corner of Manchester Street and Worcester Street, as that is only $1/hour.  There are various other off-street carparking options avaiable - see the map on the Christchurch City Council website: